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Tourism in Africa

Tourism is an important economic sector for many countries in Africa. The four countries that benefit the most from tourism are Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco and South Africa. A second category includes the countries of Namibia, Botswana, Mozambique, Tanzania and Kenya.

Tourism in Africa

The continent of Africa can be divided into three groups relative to tourism:

  1. those countries with a developed tourism industry;
  2. those with a developing industry;
  3. those that would like to develop a tourism industry.


Countries like Egypt, South Africa, Morocco, and Tunisia have a successful tourism industry. Countries like Kenya, Zimbabwe, Swaziland and Mauritius can be considered as countries that have steady and consistent income from tourism. Countries like Tanzania, Algeria and Burundi are countries that have little to no economic benefit from tourism, but would like to see it expand.






The successful countries in tourism are thriving due to a variety of factors. Countries like Morocco and Tunisia benefit from their beautiful beaches and their relative proximity to Europe. Tourism in Egypt is based on the rich history of Ancient Egypt, pyramids and artifacts. South Africa and Kenya benefit from wild safari expeditions, attracting tourists to see the wildlife of Africa.